Edye Evans Hyde


Jammie Awards

We did it! " Magic" won the WYCE best jazz album award. I am so pleased. Thank you all for your support and love and talent for making this a dream come true. Just in case you missed the other wonderful thing that happened, I was awarded the Malinda P Sapp Legacy Award. It was truly a wonderful event and I am so proud of Grand Rapids Michigan for all it does to promote the arts and promote inclusion.
I love you all.....

We Did It

We did it. You helped me climb from about 400th place to 14th,19th,and 23rd place. I can't believe it
My friends are the best!!! I will keep you posted on the next steps. But if this is a far as I go....I am so so happy!
In the mean time go on the website and listen to some of the singers. I think you may be able to leave me a comment about my songs too. I have set up a personal page. Thanks again everyone!


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